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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ajala: Not all fun you know


Its not all fun you know - this up and down.

Don't get me wrong: I like am, I appreciate am, I am grateful for it.

But eish!

I am seating right now right leg elevated. Why you ask?


Seems something took a bite outta me, might have been the eight legged kind - in which country we'll see...if its the culprit we'll see

Add to that my sweet ankle and now feet: all swollen and in double size o...I am starign and thinking I am must never be fat cos men...


My body don call for pause...
i no get choice but to put feet up...
And since no walking around or traipsing in a city i have never been before...
Na to seat with computer
Maybe I will write more.
Maybe i won't!

PS: I write my way not necessarily following any convention but as I write so i type
Call it creative license if you will.

My leg aches men!


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ajala: Four new countries traversing four others of old

Nigeria South AFrica Mauritius South Africa Uganda South Africa Mauritius South Africa Germany Lithuania Germany South Africa Mauritius South Africa Senegal USA Mexico...

No I am not crazy :-) Thats been my itinerary since July 15th.

Four new countries traversing four others I have been before.


Seems I personify the word.

Its my destiny.


Each of them have opened up interesting aspects to me.

In one for the first time in my life I was called the N word used for black people in repressive times in another politeness attends every where I go though driven by curiosity.

I will try to share thoughts on each travel - don't blame me if I don't as I travel for work and not for pleasure ;-)

Interesting days ahead!



Yes. Ha?

A Yoruba expression that right now captures what I feel and think of the conversations going on around me purportedly by great policy minds of our time.

Arguing over words that clearly will make or break their nations.

I chose to be here.

Ha: also expresses my silent laughter at the antics, the wheeling and the dealing, the 'ridiculosity' of those we have 'ent' ofrth to speak on our behalf.


Because it what makes the world go round
And as such it continues.


Aye yi a dara si ni o!

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I repent...

Of what you ask me?
Of denying myself the opportunity to share...

I repent...
Of forgetting that indeed I owe not myself
but those who come after me
an opportunity to walk this path with me.

So Yes!

I repent!

Starting from now
I, Omoba Ajala will share
even if only snippets,
My many journeys round the world

Beginning Now.

Yes I repent!!!!

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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

An Ode to 'No Name' Sandwich

My taste buds are in an uproar, a delightful uproar!

They are 'awake' like never before!

(Took a bite!)

I can be adventurous with food - but I am the kinda girl who has a favorite food with a different restaurant and I would eat only that meal there. Some say I am exotic in my food choices...well I got hit by a sandwich, a good old sandwich!

I took what was meant to be a short walk and ended up at this little place saying 'make me a sandwich to remember'

Did I get what I asked for!!!

(Another rousing bite)

I am soooooooooooooooo right now into this Sandwich its something else!

You have to know me to understand - I am not a sandwich person at all!!!

I don't step out to say I am going for lunch and come back with a sandwich! Lai lai!!!


A titillating rousing by the Gorgonzola cheese, roast beef, lettuce leaves, chili jam and the bread don't taste like bread!!!


I have certainly found a good addiction to add to my love of Sushi, Rosebank MacFries and Turkey shreds!!!

(stopped to take another bite)

I will be back!!!

The place is called Olive Tree, in Greenside, Johannesburg and its not like the expensive lunches I have been paying the franchises!


My taste buds take a very very deep bow!

Till the next time!!!


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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Facebook opens profiles to public: But Why now?

Facebook opens profiles to public (article from

Facebook now accounts for 1% of all net traffic
Popular social networking site Facebook has added a public-facing search function in a move which is likely to anger privacy advocates.
The function will initially allow anyone who is not registered with the site to search for a specific person.

More controversially, in a month's time, the feature will also allow people to track down Facebook members via search engines such as Google.

The firm said that the information being revealed is minimal.

Privacy erosion

The public search listing will show the thumbnail picture of a Facebook member from their profile page as well as links allowing people to interact with them.

But, in order to add someone as a friend or send them a message, the person will have to be registered with Facebook.

Users who want to restrict what information is available to the public or opt out of the feature altogether can change their privacy settings. They have a month to do so.

Despite assurances from Facebook, critics have expressed disappointment at the move.

"This move transforms Facebook from being a social network to being a quasi-White Pages of the web," commented technology writer Om Malik in his blog GigaOm.

Mr Malik, and others, are concerned about the data trail that people are routinely leaving behind them on social networking and other sites.

There are concerns that personal content will become aggregated for marketing or other purposes.

Security experts have pointed out the dangers of publicising your date of birth - one of the options in a Facebook profile - because of the way it has been traditionally used as a way of identifying bank customers.

Facebook began life as a way of keeping US college students in touch with each other. Devised by Harvard drop-out Mark Zuckerberg, the site now accounts for 1% of all net traffic and is the sixth most visited site in the US

The social networking site is thought to have about 39 million members. Numbers have jumped since the firm removed the need to have an academic e-mail address in September 2006.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Women of Inspiration?

Pastor Bimbo Odukoya; Oprah Winfrey; Lady Diana; Condolezza Rice; Sade Adu

In that order deifinitely for the first, the others possibly interchangeable.

These are women I have looked upon, that I have seen, that I know are living and have lived some of what resides within me to achieve.

I am not your usual kinda girl who hero worships or adores and goes ga ga oh la la - but I definitely know when I see something that challenges me to greater heights.

These women do...

From their personal styles to their intellect to the way they live and interact - to their passionate love affairs of impacting their generation...

These women are not mere tin gods, or idols for me - they are women living out parts of this girl - who is living her life like its golden, impacting her generation and determined like never before to be significant no matter how little a space or sphere of influence/change she finds herself...

Of Power
Of Passion
Of Vision

Women who not by virtue of loosing their 'womanhood' or femisnism' sought to take another shape but women who embrace their realities and use their foundations as a spring board to greater things...

Women who indeed are living their lives out- not mirroing that which society dictates as standard or acceptable but going beyond the skies and fulfilling their dreams...

Women of Prayer, Power, Passion and Soul...


Friday, May 11, 2007

Myriad parts seeking Success


I am a woman of myriad parts but one thread runs through: ambition, desire for uncommon success, call it whatever you will....

I am also Human - as human as they come - so I won't be fastidious - that the right word - and not confess that yes - atimes when i see, hear of , perceive others success I ask myself - How come I knew nothing about that why could it not be me...

Is the right/wrong? Who says it has to be? It is Human...

Its hard for me to pour out my thoughts, even more difficult when it concerns what i have been brought up to term as sacred...

My thoughts are running around as I ask myself - am I still doing things that light up my world form the inside and make me feel fulfilled? Am I truly impacting my generation or has it become a case of just going through the motions?

Do we all reach these times in our lives or is it simply an issue of insatiable desire for greater things? Or that it is normal to have this seeming separated parts of yourself all viaing to be the one 'living' or 'achieving' or 'fulfilling'?

Who do I let out? The communications genie or the one who desires to be a madam for society? The poet who is not sure she belongs in any genre or the creative in me who seeks to burst out in myriad prisms of color shaping homes and lives in shade and colours?

Bottom Line I want, need, have to succeed - that much I know, that much all of me agrees on.

The How, the where, the when - the what - of the success I wonder at...

Joshua 1:8 just came to mind and I thought - Lord Show me...

"This book of the law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do according to all that is written in it; for then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have SUCCESS."

I ask myself then - what is success according to God's Word? And how does that filter down into my life? Who I am and what i am purposed for?

Guess Life is full of questions which when answered comes back to more questions and life goes on...

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Creature of Habit


That was my conclusion while I sat eating my Nando's lunch AGAIN today - I am a creature of Habit.

Some would say I have little niches in my life which i allow to repeat themselves consistently - my eating habit or the lack of it; my consistent need to have things in a certain place at a certain time; my continuing to only have salted pop corn with strawberry slush only at the Zone; amongst a myriad 'others'

Good or bad?

Maybe both - flip sides to this coin of habitual engagement with the same meal, the same what else? It might be that i have tired an number of options and found 'these' most to my likining or i simply do not liek to try knew things.

Contrary that last thought for one who willingly packed up a life and moved all the way across a continent...and does so over and over...we all, no matter how full of adventure need habit/consistency/solid rocks that our core can revolve and familiarise around.

Creature of Habitually Living
One who has Found a Comfort Zone or More
Living Life with an adventourous spirit
Living beyond all expectations
Breaking through limitations real and assumed...

Creature of Habit?

Maybe, Maybe not!